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The activities of the APROMECA association & «MECHATREC» Cluster focuses on three major directions:

·  (1) Research-Development-Innovation:

þ  creation of mechatronic, robotic and even micro-robotic equipment/systems – ex: remote-controlled pyrotechnic robots;

þ  creation of new materials, competitive, conventional and unconventional mechatronic technologies, field-specific assembly and verification stands;

þ  the development of high productivity tools, reinforced with hard and extra-hard elements;

þ  creation of intelligent mechatronic measuring equipment and installations with an emphasis on measuring pressures, temperatures, masses, forces, time, including multi-sensors;

þ  the development of intelligent laboratory equipment for scientific research; ex: monitoring equipment in the geophysical and seismological field;

þ  the design of medical and biomedical equipment, especially in the field of prosthetics, medical imaging, dental implantology and orthopedics;

þ  actions specific to the technological transfer process and valorization of research results (through the Industry Liaison Office, the Chisinau-Iaşi-Bucharest Interregional Innovation and Technology Transfer Office and the Technology Transfer and Consultancy Relay Center):

ü  the development of sectoral strategies, studies and market surveys, feasibility studies, diagnosis and forecast studies, technical-scientific syntheses;

ü  carrying out research on the evolution of the field of mechatronics and eco-nanotechnologies worldwide;

ü  collaboration in the development of national standards and norms specific to the field of mechatronics, in order to align with international regulations;

ü  participation and organization of mechatronics-related exhibitions and events in the country and abroad;

ü editing and supervision of scientific publications in the field through the CEFIN publishing house.

ü Coordination of successful international conferences, such as:

- The MECAHITECH Conference between the years 2010 ÷ 2017 = International Conference on "Recent Innovations, Trends and Challenges in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and the Development of New High-Tech Products"

- International Conference of Mechatronics and Cyber-Mixmechatronics, between the years 2017 ÷ 2020, which continues until now

·   (2) Quality assurance:

q conducting research in the field of quality engineering;

q creation of computerized control and quality assurance systems;

q providing consultancy for the implementation of quality management in industrial units;

q generation of technologies and procedures for laboratory testing and investigation and in production processes;

q the development of techniques and methods dedicated to increasing the competitiveness and reliability of products.

·   (3) Related activities:

q  making experimental models and mechatronic prototypes

q  provision of services and service for products from the activity profile;

q development of software, data processing, database creation activities;

q  professional training and specialization for research and development personnel, postgraduate courses, management of doctorates in the field of precision mechanics and mechatronics;

q  offering consultancy and specialized technical assistance to economic agents who request these services;

q certification of products and technologies and the design of quality reports.

The Professional Association, the Romanian Patronage of the Fine Mechanics, Optics and Mechatronics Industry - APROMECA has the role of Management Entity of the «MECHATREC» Cluster.

  The Innovative Strategic Cluster for the Mechatronics intelligent specialization field - «MECHATREC» is:

    member in «Romanian Cluster Association» - CLUSTERO

    member in «European Alliance of Mechatronics Clusters», having at this time over 112 member entities

    member in the European platform entitled "European Cluster Collaboration Platform"


«MECHATREC» Cluster went through an evaluation process in 2015 and later, after another 2 years in 2017, it went through a new evaluation, supported by the "European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA)", and based on the results obtained in these evaluations received the "Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence" certification for the period 2015¸2017 and later also the "Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence" for the period 2017¸2019.

Then, in 2019, it was again in the evaluation process for the "Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence" certification, which it successfully obtained.

qAPROMECA & «MECHATREC» Cluster have developed their own Database which they make available to their members

qAPROMECA & «MECHATREC» Cluster participates year after year in national and international dissemination of its own products and services in annual technical/profile fairs both in Romania and in the European Union

qAPROMECA & "MECHATREC" Cluster participated with presentations of their own products/services offered at the monthly and thematic meetings and at the "Days of Business Opportunities" with countries from the EU, ASIA, America within the BUCHAREST CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and INDUSTRY, starting with 2008

qAPROMECA & «MECHATREC» Cluster participates in direct cooperation with European partners on national and international R & D projects, and various European projects

qAPROMECA & «MECHATREC» Cluster participates at:

    fairs and exhibitions of national and international inventions since its foundation, where its members have obtained important medals at fairs such as: Brussels Eureka, Geneva – Switzerland, INVENTIKA, ARCA, GENIUS, etc.

– to National Programs dedicated to "Projects for Clusters"




President of APROMECA:  Mr. Alexandru MOLDOVANU

Cluster Manager Cristian Gabriel ALIONTE

Executive Director Iulian Sorin MUNTEANU

Address: Pantelimon Street, No. 6-8, Sector. 2, Bucharest Municipality, Romania

Tel. number: 0040.726247296 (C. G. Alionte)

Tel. number: 0040.774974371  (IS Munteanu)


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